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I hope to expand this series soon. Researching the period is extremely interesting, especially reading old newspapers from 1899 onwards. Another story is being worked on, but the plot is not yet complete. Watch this space. The right-hand two photographs in the slide show above are of what's left of the police station and its predecessor, which is now a museum. At the time of these stories, it was "The Free Library".

Hung Drawn and Cured

Genre: Murder mystery

Estimated length: 242 pages

Kindle version: $1.49/£0.99p

Hung, Drawn and Cured


My wife wanted a story set where I worked for a while in the last major smokehouse in Great Yarmouth, so here it is.


The place: Great Yarmouth. The time: 1899. The event: Murder most foul.


Douglas Knight saved Edgar from the gallows. Because this act cost Douglas his career as a London police detective, Edgar is now his faithful associate. However, finding the real murderer was only a small part of the conspiracy he uncovered. When the new Special Branch begin to investigate the pair, they have no alternative but to discover the organisation that has ruined their lives. They have one clue - a fish curer in Great Yarmouth named Thomas Atherton.


The pair leave London and start a new life in Great Yarmouth. Among the investment properties they purchase is one half of Atherton’s smokehouse, which he leases. Before they can find the proof they need to destroy the organisation, somebody murders Atherton inside the locked smokehouse and steals the evidence.


Time is now against Douglas and Edgar. They have to solve the murder before the police arrest them, or call in his estranged friends from Scotland Yard for help. Also, Special Branch now know they, and the link, are in Great Yarmouth and could suspect the pair. Another problem is the discovery that the detective in charge of the murder investigation is Douglas’s boyhood friend who married his intended fiancé when Douglas moved to London. Their mutual distrust can only hinder the investigation. Douglas must try to renew their friendship if they are to solve the crime.


This is the first book in The Great Yarmouth Murders series. Each book will give Douglas Knight and his friends a new murder to solve.

Pinned Heart

Genre: Murder mystery

Estimated length: 181 pages

Kindle version: $1.49/£0.99p

Pinned Heart


Douglas returns from a long European trip and meets his old friend Detective Inspector James Shillito near the police station. Two things immediately happen. First, he meets the first woman who catches his interest since losing Harriet. Ellen is only visiting the town for a few days, but her brother is missing. Second, a constable tells them that a body has been found buried on the beach, which they discover is Ellen’s missing brother. Their investigations gather the threads of evidence until their rope becomes solid enough to hang the murderer.


Yet Douglas cannot accept the truth.