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Soul Transition - Incarnations series

At the end of Book 4 of the Soul Transition series, the population escape the aliens by becoming souls. Humans on other planets host these souls during their lifetime. These 'reincarnations' cover a two-thousand year period.

Incarnations are stand-alone stories detailing a part of the main characters' lives during each of these incarnations. As the reader will realise, this series has the potential to keep me writing for several years.

Most of these stories contain a relevant message, like anti-war, anti-slavery, or anti-bigotry. In those stories where the soul links more closely with the host, the host may gain 'magical' properties.

If you have not read the Soul Transition series and want to know more, then the included prologue in each book provides some background.

The Four Lands

Genre: (sf), Medieval Drama

Tags: medieval, kidnapping, war, swords, castle, clerics, barons

Estimated pages: 651

Kindle version: $2.99/£1.99

The Four Lands

This double volume includes Lost Son and Young Barons


Tomaisin, his wives and friends meet in their second incarnation. This is the only incarnation where they have no memories. Their souls are asleep, so none have any extraordinary powers.


When everyone forces Baronet Thamis to marry an older widow from another Baron’s lands upon the death of his mother, he refuses to consummate the joining. Soon afterwards, the vicious Black Cloud Horde invade their lands. The death of his father means he should now become Baron. His youth and scheming wife cause an uprising. Unable to defend their castle, he has no choice but to lead his people to the neighbouring Baron’s lands. For losing his lands, and because his wife reported lies to the Baron, every Baron names him Lost Son. Years of hardship follow before he can attempt to regain his lands and avenge his father. Meanwhile, his estranged wife conspires with Physicians and Clerics, known as The Specialists, who have their own plans for taking the lands. War explodes across the Four Lands, with no Baron trusting another.


Author's note:

The first story, 'Lost Son', ends at the point I believed was right. Later, I realised he had still not freed his lands, although the story seems to show he would easily regain them. A few loose ends remained, so I extended the story until this became a second book, 'Young Barons'. The intrique and deceit increases. War decimates the lands and many characters die. Can love and honour prevail? Nothing is certain, except that two cultures can learn to trust each other.

When the time came to release the series, having two books would complicate the series, which is why I have joined them into a single volume at the same price. Enjoy. Also note that the main characters in Book 5 of the Soul Transition series recall a part of this story to prove they have always been together.

Blade Cutter

Genre: (sf), Light Fantasy

Tags: native american, bows, magic, telepathy, snow wolf, tomahawk, healing

Estimated pages: 381

Kindle version: $2.99/£1.99

Blade Cutter


Blade Cutter’s people live on another world, and lead a similar life to Native Americans. He is a powerful shaman, who can call on the elements at will, or confuse another’s mind. Another chief’s son uses a distant tribe to try taking over the whole nation. To help him, he arranges for Blade Cutter’s execution and takes his two powerful wives as gifts to pay for the distant tribe’s help. When the tribes discover Blade Cutter still lives, and accompanies a snow wolf they believe has killed several children, every nation hunts for the pair. Blade Cutter has to find the links from a previous incarnation to solve the problems in this incarnation if he is to save the nations from internal and external forces. Meanwhile, he has to avoid the hunters and reach River Falls before his enemy can kill his wives.


A fast-moving and action-packed exhausting chase, which includes lengthy stunts that would stretch any movie-makers to the limit.


Author's note:

After finishing the book, the fast pace and exciting stunts pleased me. The references to Blade Cutter and his wives having lived 300 years earlier when part of the tribe that became the 'Lost Tribe', led me to write their story. However, this was barely a novella in length, and the number of links between the two time periods meant a rethink. Merging the two sets of lives seemed logical, and only needed a small rewrite. When finished, my only concern was whether I had slowed the pace of the original story. Yet both were needed, and produce a more rounded story. I hope you agree.

Black Arts White Hearts

Genre: (sf), Medieval Light Fantasy

Tags: swords, bows, war, villages, farms, telepathy, healing

Estimated pages: 355

Kindle version: $2.99/£1.99

Black Arts, White Hearts


Black Arts, White Hearts is a Middle Ages story on another planet. A stranger teaches Teo how to fight when young, both with the sword and his body. Using a bow comes naturally for hunting, but he soon needs all his skills when a Dark Heart baron sends men who are hard to kill in preparation for invasion. Their task is to search out and kill all White Hearts, who also have the power to heal. When healing, the Dark Hearts can find them, but the White Hearts are unable to identify Dark Hearts. One Dark Heart has already infiltrated the village by changing his visage to look like a villager. Although Teo is only a farm boy, he must find the strength to help defend his baron.


Author's note:

I had great fun writing this, especially when the Dark Hearts refused to die from what normal humans would call mortal wounds. Once Teo and his friends seemed to win, I ended the story. Then I noticed one main Dark Heart was missing, and that they had not saved their lands or defeated the Dark Heart baron and his allies. Their lands were still at risk. They had to start again, with their tasks more difficult and dangerous. I then realised the helping stranger needed more of an introduction and reasons behind his secrecy. This led to an additional first chapter. The end result is, I hope you will agree, perfect.

The Fourth Nation

Genre: Science Fiction

Tags: cyborg, war, telepathy, solar power, front line, drones, bunkers

Estimated pages: 424

Kindle version: $2.99/£1.99

The Fourth Nation


War has raged throughout the world since all surviving records began. One century ago, a year of bombing, using every weapon of mass destruction, drove the survivors underground. Since then, natural resources have almost disappeared, allowing the three warring nations on three continents to start rebuilding above ground. Every person and every resource now forms part of the war effort. Nobody is spared. If they are unfit for the front line, and have no special skills, their brains are used for drone control.

No nations allows dissenters to live, but try using their brains for drone control. Mentally retarded, the blind and anyone else with a problem are treated as mutants and have their brains harvested. No drone operator lives long. 'Cowards' usually have other useable skills, or must become drone operators. Despite this, nobody really knows the real reason for the war, and 'protecting resources' no longer applies. Each front line, where each continent joins with the next, remains stable. This is a war of attrition where each nation manages to retain enough resources to continue the war.

When their nation suspects Teo and Jaya have the power of telepathy and arrest them, the other two nations also discover the secret. Soon, they are on the run from each nation’s forces who want to either harness their power or kill them. They capture and alter the mind of a beautiful female cyborg, built as a fighting machine, who helps to train and protect them. Knowing something is inherently wrong with the war and the nations, they set out to discover the truth, having to fight the whole way.

Slave of Conscience

Genre: (sf), Light Fantasy Drama

Tags: indians, brick factory, telepathy, healing, colonials, colonists, army

Estimated pages: 693

Kindle version: $2.99/£1.99

Slave of Conscience


Taryl escapes to a continent, much like Colonial India on Earth, after avenging the murder of his family. Colonials enjoy total power over the inhabitants of Kingsland, many of whom are slaves. This superiority leads colonials to treat the natives badly, although little worse than free natives treat their own people.

 Many colonists, like Taryl, have escaped to Kingsland to avoid warrants against them. If they return to their homeland, the warrants would become active and the authorities would imprison them. Their natural violence means little in Kingsland, and they can kill natives and slaves without question.

Taryl has had his fill of death and killing, but his light treatment of slaves means he becomes the enemy of both colonials and free natives. Two main factions arise, both wanting an uprising to free their nation from colonial rule. Some enlightened people believe Taryl's dark soul has the power to free the nation, but his demands to change their laws by stopping violence against women and freeing every slave means too many want his death.


Author's note:

Too many news stories began appearing, telling horrific stories of current slavery, rapes, dismemberment, child labour and bonded slavery. Allowing these atrocities to continue in our so-called enlightened civilisation is unacceptable. These stories forced me to write a novel without the risk of overstating items that the media may have 'expanded'. Using the Incarnations series therefore seemed logical, as well as placing the main characters in harm's way again.