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Romantic dramas

Most of my novels include a certain amount of romance, after all, that is all part of normal life. These stories are placed on this page because they highlight the social problems of the modern age, or unseen pitfalls from earlier affairs. This section also includes a time travel romance and a set of paranormal stories.

Out of Time

Genre: Time Travel Romance

Tags: redemption, second chance, love, abuse, paradox

Estimated Pages: 236

Kindle version: $2.99/£1.99

Out of Time


Out of Time is an intricate and thought-provoking time travel romance.


Matthew Carter has a second chance to correct every mistake in his life when a series of coincidences sends him back to the same day thirty-nine years earlier. This was the day when his life had changed, but he has not yet broken ties with the older woman who drew him back in time. Unable to apologise or explain the reasons for his later actions, he discovers many facets behind their intertwined lives. Now he is older, he realises she is no longer the same person he saw while a youth. Instead of almost ignoring each other, this time, their passion blossoms into romance. Both realise their time together may be finite, and possibly requiring one or both to complete definite tasks but without knowing what those tasks might be. Because he might return to the future at any moment, they try to live a lifetime together during the time they have. Yet good times must surely end.


Paradox is their enemy.


Although he has returned through time to correct mistakes, had he already corrected them before going back in time? Had he already completed those tasks, and therefore had to go back in time to do them? If he returns to his own time, would everything match his memories, or have those memories changed to reflect any changes he has caused?


Those questions become meaningless when he discovers the truth behind his journey through time. His life will never be the same again.


This should have your mind tied in knots by the end!

Dark Secrets

Genre: Romantic Drama: Tainted Love

Tags: incest, bigotry

Pages: 250

Kindle version: $2.99/£1.99

Dark Secrets


A teenaged young man, a teenaged young woman, and a summer vacation without parents. Result: a teenaged holiday romance. Simple - or is it? Jeff is white, Jasmine is black, and the time is the mid-60s, so pressure from society is against them already. Yet those are simple distractions compared to their other problems. Jeff is only 15 while Jasmine is 19. Love could keep them together, but society breaks them apart. Their paths converge a quarter century later when Jeff has a passionate affair with Helena. Can they survive not only the pressures from society, and the discovery that Helena is Jasmine's niece, but also the dawning true reason for Jasmine breaking off their original romance?


This was first day of the first holiday without having his parents presiding over his every move, and he had just blown his first chance to get laid. Girls were like London buses. None for ages, then two come along together. Jeff blamed his hesitancy on surprise rather than lack of nerve. He had expected to settle in, have a meal, then for him and Ralph to go on the town this evening. Down a couple of drinks, then pick up the first likely pair of girls they saw. Buy them a drink, have a dance, and back to the caravan for some hot necking. A perfect start to a perfect holiday.


Plans always have a way of going wrong. Instead of taking their time and getting a meal cooked, Ralph had insisted on dumping everything from their rucksacks into whatever drawer and cupboard space was available, then finding a fish and chip shop. Ralph looked like he had just finished a hot soak and put on clean clothes, instead of dishevelled after a day's travel in a smoky railway carriage. Even his Tru-gel quiff looked perfect. Ralph never used Brylcream because it left too much grease on his steel comb. As his friend strode from the caravan, Jeff had quickly licked his fingers and tried to smooth his curling, light-brown hair back into place before following. If he had known the extent to which this holiday would change his life, and that events would return to haunt him later in life, he might have hesitated. Yet would he want to change anything?


Cover design maniplulated by the author from an original photograph by Vivek Chugh.

Sons of the Father

Genre: Modern drama

Tags: incest, clubbing, affairs

Estimated Pages: 215

Kindle version: $2.99/£1.99

Includes some mild language and sexual references.

Sins of the Father


Sins of the Father is a modern social/romantic drama about a young pair of lovers.


This book comes under the 'Tainted Love' section. (Forbidden Love generally indicates same sex couples, but these Tainted Love books are for those other forbidden fruits).


If you loved someone and wanted to marry them, what is the worst their parents could say, apart from No? What revelation could produce the ultimate sense of betrayal? And how would you react?


Paul and Ellie each believe they have finally met the one person with whom they can share their life after becoming bored with the clubbing scene. They have to learn to overcome misunderstandings and distorted truths from all sides. Trust must accompany true love. Losing trust can tear their love to shreds. Even money can lose importance when set against life and love. Yet truth is sometimes overstated. Truth can close society around a person, squeezing and pummelling until only death remains. Their love for each other is strong, but the past can become a powerful enemy.


Romance has never been easy but, in these modern times, complications can be greater than ever before.

Destiny Derailed

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Tags: Love, sex, free, spiders, disaster, alternative reality, dream, escape

Estimated Pages: 209

Kindle version: $1.49/£0.99p

Destiny Derailed


Destiny Derailed consists of two novellas and two short stories.


Destiny Derailed:

Destiny Derailed is a paranormal romance novella set in the late 1960s.


What would you do if you sometimes caught glimpses of future disasters simply by touching someone, and how would this affect you? What if you could offer alternatives without being able to affect that future? Is the future unchangeable, or can love overcome predestination to produce an alternative destiny? Sarah and Alice believe in only one future, but Jeff believes he makes his own destiny.


Included free with this novella are three other paranormal romance stories.


Wind and Rain:


Wind and Rain is a short story about two native North American children, a boy and girl with special attributes, who escape the slaughter of their tribe by the cavalry. Yet the soldier they kill during their escape continues to find revenge. (First published in the KUF2 Anthology).


Second Chance:


Second Chance is another novella. What is dream and what is real? Does it matter if one finds pure love?


Tara's Last Meal:


Tara’s Last Meal is the parting short story to make anyone wary of dating a stranger.