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This page details Science Fiction stories that have no connection to the Soul Transition and Incarnations series.

Mermaids can have Sex

Tags: adventure, forbidden planet, genetic research, sabotage, spaceship, terran, water world

Estimated pages: 278

Kindle version: $2.99/£1.99

Mermaids CAN Have Sex


Can mermaids exist? If so, how do they procreate?


The World Government renamed Earth and banned all religions, countries, customs and languages. In Year 95, Ryder prepares to leave college when alleged terrorists apparently attempt to destroy the building. While watching the terrorists die, his dissatisfaction with life highlights everything he finds wrong with Terra, as the World Government now calls the planet. Before embarking on his career as a financier, he decides to search the galaxy for a better life.


Humans have colonised the galaxy. No other life form exists anywhere. Every planet is the same as Terra. When a corrupt governor orders his death, Ryder escapes but his sabotaged spaceship suffers multiple failures. His ship crashes into the oceans of a quarantined water planet. The only intelligent life lives in the sea. These mers understand Terran, meaning humans had visited recently. Mermaid outcasts help him to survive. Yet nothing is as it seems. By discovering the anomalies of this planet, he accidentally solves Terra’s puzzle. With no means of escaping the planet, and knowing the World Government would not allow him to live with these secrets, he must find the only alternative.


From JoyRider Mark IV Space Cruiser "Over the Horizon", owned and leased by Dreamtime Vacations Corporation, at position Quadrant Z26-4-9, Sector L13-96-23, Location 2-7-16-9-26-5. Lessee identified as ex-student Financier Ryder. The following account has been recorded by vlink directly from the Lessee to the main computer core. No part may be altered because the link and events were verified prior to storage and have been locked. Loss of system integrity means the central core has been transferred by burst transmission directly to the verified owners of the main computer. File overview ends. Verified vlink file follows.


     Emergency protocol activated

     Event recorder systems inactive

     Secondary protocol activated

     Searching for vlink

     Vlink found

     Channel set

     Port set

     Node set

     Enhanced synaptic translator activated

     Vlink file opened

     Emergency vlink recording started


Every time I think life can get no worse, fate gives me another kick in the behind. My fingers futilely attack every button, switch, lever and touch screen in sight with no effect.

   "Computer. Turn off the damned alarms."

   The computer’s sexy but synthesised voice really grates on my nerves. "I’m sorry, Ryder, but no alarm is sounding for ‘Damned’."

   "Bollocks," I mumble, although she, or it, managed to get my name right, finally. "Turn off all alarms."

   "Are you sure?" Even the tone sounds like the machine is talking to a child. "Turning off all alarms will not provide sufficient warning of danger."

   Explaining to a bunch of circuits that I have taken notice of the alarms, and they are now deafening me, will only give the ‘inanimate annoyance’, as I have taken to calling the computer, another excuse to misunderstand.

   "Computer," I say in my best voice, which barely hides my cynicism. "Please silence the alarms now sounding so I may concentrate on taking the appropriate action."

   "Taking the appropriate action will silence the alarms, Ryder."

   Ignoring the lifesaving system, which I now believe will cause my death, I jab my way through menus on the ancient main control panel touch screen. Loss of main control systems means the holographic screens have insufficient power.

   The small JoyRider Mark IV spaceship is hurtling across space and could be flying directly into a sun for all I know. This useless computer, supplied as standard with the ship, does not care about that. Instead, it plays the usual game of ‘how to be the most annoying piece of pedantic crap in the universe’.

The Spurious Sorcerer

Pages: 264

Kindle version: $2.99/£1.99

The Spurious Sorcerer


The Spurious Sorcerer is a humorous physical and mental fast-paced all-action adventure into the unknown.


An attractive woman wakes Martyn at dusk, but he has no memory of how he arrived near the terrifying forest. Sujane's ancient dialect and ignorance of modern roads, cars and telephones only increases his confusion. Slowly, fragments of memory return but he has no time to solve the enigma as the darkness deepens. Both must now run for their lives from the awakening forest, and he notices she is carrying a sick young girl. Their familiarity reminds him that he has a wife and child, causing him to believe he is mad, dead, or dreaming. They arrive at an ancient village, and her selfish, lazy and drunken brother reminds Martyn of himself. When her brother says he will return the child to the forest to die, Sujane insists she will take the girl to the sorcerer for healing. Her brother says the sorcerer will kill them both. As Martyn settles into a drunken stupor, he discovers the close parallels between what is happening and his memories.


When Martyn wakes in his damaged garage, he realises the other world is real. His family have left him and he is dying. News reports tell of terrorists attacking military targets during dry thunder storms, and he recalls the dry storm as he awoke on the other world and when returning. The sorcerer, who sounded like his traitorous missing brother-in-law, was responsible for dry thunder storms on the other world. Rather than defecting, Sullivan had found a way to this world and equipped a personal army to control the population. Now, Martyn knows his brother-in-law's secret.


If Martyn wants to regain his family and his life, he believes redemption only lies with saving Sujane and her daughter, and stopping Sullivan from destroying more lives. He prepares for one final adventure in his life.


Time is against him. The alignment between the two worlds only lasts for four days, and Sullivan intends destroying Martyn's home to stop him returning using the device he had built during the previous alignment. Failure is not an option. Martyn must use all his strength, knowledge and wit to overcome increasingly difficult obstacles while dealing with a strange land with stranger creatures.


Author's notes:

The kindle cover was enjoyable to produce, but many difficulties almost made me give up on many aspects. This is the most complicated and involved artwork yet for a cover. To get the special initials joined with the other text, and then included in the picture was proving impossible. Then I woke up at 5.40am one morning and the resolution was in my mind. Altogether, I used five different programs to obtain the results, but the main image required the use of only two. This meant making a change, saving, then going to the other program, making a change, saving, and returning to the first program. I have no idea how many times I had to swap programs in this way. Then I had to use another program to compile the text before moving that to a particular section of the second program. The end result includes about 15 to 20 elements, plus the use of several filters and enhancements. The young wolf plays a necessay part in the story, and the story starts at the ancient village. I much prefer the new kindle cover to the original printed version.

The Life Pool

Estimated Pages: 166

Kindle version: $1.49/£0.99p

The Life Pool


Where do dreams end and reality start? Are they part of the same circle, or totally separate? Does reality end with death?


 Chad needs to find the answers quickly. He has seen the girl he loves only in dreams, and he is dying. Despite others' ridicule, he believes that if he is dreaming of her world at death, then he will remain with her. Life is never that simple. He dreams of two worlds alternately. One is harsh, and he always dies quickly without ever seeing the girl. The other is also harsh, but rebels fight for freedom and he only wakes when killed during their battles. Not only must he die on Earth while dreaming of the correct world, but he must survive to help the rebels gain freedom, and hopefully win Julia's love. One other obstacle, apart from his clumsiness and fear of fighting, is Ned. He is also dying, and the oppressive rulers on Julia's world have promised him eternal life and riches if he stops Chad from aiding the rebels by killing him on Earth.


The Life Pool is an emotional roller-coaster of sadness, humour, hate, love, romance and adventure.


Chad Powles stared at the doctor, trying to see beyond the amused smile and dead-looking dark eyes. Energy seemed to pour from the man although he leaned back comfortably in the black-leather executive chair. The illusion was temporary. He knew the man would launch his upper body over the desk at any moment to scribble more notes. Chad opened his mouth to answer the last question then closed it again. When he had tried to lie during a previous appointment, this highly-paid consultant had shown that he could turn his hand to psychiatry anytime. Dreams and reality. Sometimes, the difference between them seemed so blurred they became the same. Usually, the dreams seemed more real than reality. If this world was real, then he was already dead.

   "Sorry, doc," he muttered. "What was the question again?"

   The doctor's smile never wavered, as though having expected Chad to delay answering. "Are you still having the same dreams?"

   Sighing, he had no choice but to answer. "Yes. Same places and both as real as I'm sitting here." He continued to stare, already knowing the response.

    "The dream ends when you die." No question. Just a bland statement of fact.    Perhaps the dreams did stem from his daily life, but he had no intention of admitting that. His dreams were the only hope he had left for life.

    "Some believe this life is a dream. All dreams end when you die." Usually, he thought, but I hope one particular dream will continue.

    "It's the medication." The doctor suddenly crouched forwards and scribbled a note, ignoring the computer screen and keyboard next to him. "Same thing happened to another patient."

   Medication or illness. That was the answer to everything these days. Chad had dreamed throughout his life. Suddenly, they were now a side effect. Another symptom to add to the rest.    "Perhaps dreams are natural and normal."

   The doctor raised his head and beamed that sickening smile. "Of course they are, but they're not real." He leaned his elbows on the desk. "You die each night in these dreams, but then wake in the morning in the real world."

   His neck felt hot and Chad silently cursed at leaving himself open for that reply. "Sleep in this world is a form of death, and I wake in my real dreams each night."

   He saw the doctor glance at the scars on Chad's wrist, a reminder that the doctor could control his life again at anytime if he felt the necessity. They had discussed the dreams before and the doctor had smilingly told him to make notes each morning when he woke. That was his way of saying that Chad should continue to believe in his dreams. Chad hadn't written down one word yet, and probably never would. The doctor stopped scribbling again and Chad felt renewed energy flowing across the desk towards him. Soon, that energy would send the doctor flying from the room to search for his next victim.

   "So, doc, what now?"

   "The disease is still progressing. Without additional treatment, you will have to accept hospitalisation soon. You still have nobody at home to help?"

   Chad shook his head, angrily dismissing that absurd idea. Then he realised the doctor's subtlety. Somehow, the man knew that he no longer lived with his sister and her family. That arrangement had lasted less than a day. Still, the promise of living with her had allowed him to escape the hospital.


Author's Notes:

I had a couple of recurring dreams, then a local teenager died from cancer. Soon afterwards, I noticed too many young people who showed the affects of treatment for cancer. This is not new. One girl I knew when younger, (see Author's Notes for Grave Digging), looked bright and healthy but left to go to a hospice (one poem in Snax was written while thinking of her). We expect to outlive our children, barring accidents, but this is sadly not always the case. Many like to believe a better life awaits them.

My dreams and this belief merged perfectly to produce The Life Pool. The concept of death is too gloomy, which is probably why his time on the other world is full of life and amusement. While editing this book for kindle format, and making minor improvements to make sentences more understandable, I became so engrossed with the characters and their story that the screen became blurry when I wasn't smiling or chuckling. Yes, I think this is a beautiful story, and, in places, I questioned whether I had written it!