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Soul Transition series

The Soul Transition Science Fiction series completely replaces the aborted Haven and the Soul Keepers series.

The whole original series has been totally reordered and rewritten, with much more added. The series has had all strong language removed, making it suitable for teens and above.

Antarsia Ascending

Tags: reincarnation, aliens, space travel, war, telepathy, colonisation, silicon beings

Pages: 358

ISBN: 978-1512263510

Paperback: $14.99/£8.99

Kindle: $2.99/£2.00

Book 1 - Antarsia Ascending


Pollution and overpopulation threaten to destroy the planet Haven until the Scientists Guild take control. They are Jarel’s heroes, so he trains hard and joins the guild. After his first day, Jarel loses his naivety. Yet the oath is for life. When he discovers dramatic changes will occur in human anatomy, he knows the two main guilds will not allow them to happen. Questionable accidents kill any scientists who oppose their guild, meaning Jarel has to plan carefully. Escaping death becomes problematical, so he finds the only dangerous alternative. Spies and spying devices mean trust is difficult. Somehow, he has to survive to complete his plans and ensure nothing interferes with natural human development. The Antarsia Project will only change their star system by a little. Unknown to him, his efforts will affect every human in the galaxy for centuries to come.

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Book 2 - Discovery


Following the building of Antarsia, a colonisation ship passes too close to a planet filled with warlike silicon creatures. Scans show only unmanned meteorites because these creatures cannot exist and their materials are less refined. However, the watch crew quickly discover their beliefs are wrong. While they wage war with these creatures, the new humans foreseen by Jarel start to appear on their home planet of Haven. The Scientists Guild believe they are sociopath mutants and responsible for the decrease in births and a danger to their power. Their kindred new humans who have already appeared in Antarsia know they must stop the killing and experimentation. Using their powers, they move files to the Corporate Guild who then see the new humans as their chance to regain their power. Without all new humans surviving, the Antarsians will be too few to continue into the next stage of human development.

Soul Transition Dark Clouds

Tags: reincarnation, aliens, space travel, war, telepathy, colonisation, silicon beings

Pages: 536

ISBN: 978-1515123675

Paperback: $19.99/£11.99

Kindle: $2.99/£1.99

Book 3 - Dark Clouds


Over 30 years have passed in relative peace, with only a few disappearances of new humans. During this time, the aliens have built a huge fleet and now use the artificial wormhole to arrive in Haven’s star system, closely watched by those in Antarsia. While the aliens move slowly through their star system, destroying every human colony, Tamson’s son and grandson start building his special cities.


The scientists use alien attacks on the colonies to start rumours that the new humans are aiding the aliens. Riots at the colonies and on Haven cause more deaths and disappearances, and isolate the new humans again. Mounting deaths force the Antarsians to project the future in simulations. Extinction of all life in their star system, followed by the slow extermination of all human life in the galaxy is unacceptable. Only one option remains. They will have to force matters into a doubtful future.

Soul Transition

Tags: reincarnation, aliens, space travel, war, telepathy, colonisation, silicon beings

Pages: 520

ISBN: 978-1515135159

Paperback: $18.00/£11.75

Kindle: $2.99/£1.99

Book 4 - Soul Transition


The aliens have colonised a suitable moon orbiting the sixth planet. Now they have two perfect worlds to supply them with the warriors and spaceships they need to finally destroy Haven and every human in the galaxy. Simulations prove to the humans in Antarsia that Haven will lose the war. Antarsians must keep enough new humans alive to continue to the next stage of evolution. To achieve their aims, they must ignore their beliefs and influence scientists on Haven to produce special machines. Their simulations cannot guarantee the outcome they desire because individual actions can affect the future. Also, the new humans on Haven refuse to trust the scientists. Isolated incidents threaten to ruin the Antarsian’s plans, and the scientists have their own agenda. Even if they succeed, the Antarsians must wait for centuries until they can complete their plans. By then, they will be nearing the time for the next stage in their evolution. At the same time, the aliens will have perfected their killer machines.

Note: The reader can continue directly to Book 5, or can now read the Incarnations series. Now the main characters on Haven are souls, they experience new lives with different hosts. However, each host has near-matching DNA so the main characters are apparently reincarnated each lifetime. Incarnations details a part of their lives in these incarnations. Each Incarnation story is stand-alone, and each includes a prologue that neatly summarises how the characters came to be with their hosts. Reading Incarnations is therefore not necessary to enjoy the Soul Transition series. Likewise, the reader does not have to read the Soul Transition series to enjoy each story, or selected stories, in the Incarnations series. More Incarnations stories will follow.

Soul Transition Recall

Tags: reincarnation, aliens, space travel, war, telepathy, colonisation, silicon beings

Further rewrite in progress

Kindle: $2.99/£1.99

Book 5 - Recall


Two thousand years after the forced transition from humans into souls to escape the alien invasion, Antarsia risks everything. The aliens have perfected soul killer machines, and have regrouped to invade every world colonised by humans.

Antarsia sends a message to awaken the strongest souls, but giving only enough information to show danger exists.

The aliens who made the transition into dark souls now force their human hosts to increase fighting on all the worlds. This will destabilise those worlds, and leave fewer humans for the outnumbered aliens to fight.

Now the central group of strong white souls, being Tomaisin and his friends, must find a way to finally stop the aliens.

Soul Transition Return

Tags: reincarnation, aliens, space travel, war, telepathy, colonisation, silicon beings

Further rewrite in progress

Kindle: $2.99/£1.99

Book 6 - Return


The final battle has arrived. War blossoms throughout the universe. The aliens have perfected machines and built their forces to destroy both humans and souls. Human deaths release souls who can help to defeat the aliens around Haven, yet they are outgunned, outmanoeuvred and outnumbered. Those who still live in Antarsia can give little help without giving themselves away.

Every secret since souls evolved can only threaten their unity.

The end of the universe is close.